Fortunatus Advisory

Fortunatus Advisory

Our services are offered across multiple jurisdictions and in corporate advisory, consulting, corporate, and company formations, with management and international structure support.

About Us

Fortunatus Advisory is a fully licensed United Arab Emirates Advisory Firm. An independent provider to corporate, commercial companies and private clients. Consulting and advising on multiple structures in numerous jurisdictions, for a vast array of clients including companies, entrepreneurs, private investors, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs).

Expertise in Financial and Legal Planning


Corporate Service Provider

Fortunatus Advisory provides company formations and management services, providing consulting and support systems to companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals alike..

Head Office Activation

 Fortunatus Advisory provides head office activation, and services utilized to support companies between their head office and operating companies..

District & Regional Offices

Fortunatus Advisory provides to companies the ability to maintain their minimum presence of incorporation..


Fortunas Advisory is a team of qualified professionals who upon consultation with clients, and through independent reviews of the business entity..

Professional Consulting & Legal Advisory

Fortunatus Advisory provides a bespoke transactional, regulatory, and legal advisory service to our clients..

Management Offices & Centralized Office Administration Services

Fortunatus Advisory incorporates company management and company secretarial services to our companies..

Financial Planning

Financial Planning, incorporating bookkeeping and accounting services, are imperative for the continued success of our clients.

Trademark Patent & Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property for our clients is integral to the continued success, and protection of their brand development and which is a key component for successful companies

Corporate Offices

Fortunatus Advisory provides a full corporate structuring solution for new clients incorporating and completing of company share allocations and asset acquisitions.

Asset Appraisals

Fortunatus Advisory through its network of partners provides fully integrated appraisal services through professional valuations compiling detailed appraisal…

Business Brokerage

Fortunatus Advisory provides business brokerage services for purchase and sale of small and medium sized businesses, including professional practices.

Human Resource Consulting

Fortunatus Advisory covers human capital advisory and implementation. Providing consulting services aimed at human resource management, and implementing strategy

Document Translations

In an age of globalization and cross border transactions, our clients increasingly require fast, accurate and efficient document translations

Licensed General Trading

At Fortunatus Advisory, we believe in enabling our corporate and commercial clients.

Entrepreneurs & Private Client Services

At Fortunatus Advisory we understand that with great wealth comes even greater responsibility.

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